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Recording of 12/01/2022 Webinar

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Propose a For-Credit Credential

For-Credit Certificate proposals need to pass through the following levels of review:

  • Department
  • College Curriculum Committee
  • College Dean
  • Senate (UG or GR Program Council plus Full Senate)
  • Senate
  • Office of the Provost
  • Board of Trustees (Ed Policy Committee plus Full BOT)


Following approval by the BOT, notification, along with a copy of the BOT resolution, is sent to the NJ President’s Council Academic Issues Committee and the NJ OSHE. Approval by the NJPC or NJ OSHE bodies is not required.

It can be helpful for those developing certificates to send draft proposals to Jonathan Lincoln ( ), Associate Provost, for preliminary review and advice. By doing so, we can ensure that proposals meet the requirements for certificate programs in advance and may minimize the need for edits during the review process.

Starting Fall 2024, submit a new certificate proposal using the online curriculum workflow in WP Connect or with this link.