Evaluation Services

Upon your acceptance to William Paterson, the University provides prompt evaluation of your transfer credits. The evaluation is based on the credits completed (prior to date of acceptance to William Paterson) and the degree and major you selected on your application. The analysis begins with a summary of credits applied towards your degree.

outlines the academic requirements remaining in order to complete your degree.

SECTION 2 represents all of the credits being transferred. This includes General Education requirements, major requirements, electives, or credits not applied toward the degree. Courses-in-progress are not included in your credit evaluation.

If you are currently enrolled in courses at another institution, you must have an updated transcript forwarded to the admissions office at the end of the semester. As soon as the transcript arrives, the course will be evaluated and added to your William Paterson transcript.

Your official transcripts are reviewed soon after you have been admitted. An evaluation of all credits completed at previous institutions and a letter stating dates and times of registration will be sent to you via regular mail.

Questions about the Analysis of Academic Progress may be directed to the Admissions Office at 973.720.2646 or admissions@wpunj.edu. Please request a "Transfer Counselor" and reference your Student Identification Number when contacting us.

Pass-Fail Grades: Spring 2020

William Paterson University recognizes that the global COVID-19 Pandemic and the switch to online course delivery has placed a substantial burden on students and faculty alike. In response, many colleges and universities, including WPU, have implemented liberal Pass/No Credit grading options for students for the Spring 2020 semester.

WPU understands that prospective transfer and graduate students applying to WPU may be concerned about how Pass grades on their Spring 2020 transcript might affect admission and credit transfer. Furthermore, it is expected that many New Jersey students currently studying out of state may choose to transfer to colleges and universities that are closer to home and more affordable, especially if their families have experienced a loss of income due to the closure of business during the pandemic. WPU needs to assure these students that they will be able to transfer to WPU without loss of credit.

Pass-grades on Spring 2020 transcripts will not negatively impact most undergraduate or graduate admission decisions; exceptions are described below.

Programs for which external exam pass rates are considered for accreditation purposes such as nursing and athletic training will require original grades from pre-requisite courses for admission decisions. Transfer of courses into some accredited graduate programs such as the Doctor of Psychology will require original grades.

Veteran's Credits
If you are a veteran, you may be eligible for credits for educational experience acquired through military service. Please note that all credits must be processed by the Office of Admissions and forwarded to Academic Advisement, including military credits completed through military service (Form DD214) and/or courses completed at different colleges directly affiliated with the armed forces. The coursework is evaluated and credits are applied accordingly.

International Baccalaureate Credits
WP accepts IB for course credit. The full table will be posted shortly.

CLEP, Basic Skills, and Foreign Language Services
William Paterson University is a test center for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP enables students to meet degree requirements by taking nationally recognized tests that evaluate knowledge of content and theory included in many freshman and sophomore level courses. Current William Paterson University students may take general CLEP tests prior to completing 60 credits of coursework and may take subject CLEP tests prior to completing 90 credits of coursework.

William Paterson University maintains a Basic Skills program to ensure students’ preparedness for university-level study in the foundational areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.

To insure accurate course placement, the Office of Testing at William Paterson University administers a proficiency exam in the languages of French, German, Spanish and Italian.

For more on these services please follow this link to The Office of Testing

If another college or university has awarded you credit for CLEP or advanced placement (AP), an official transcript of test scores must be sent to the office of admissions. For More on AP credits, please visit our Advanced Placement page.

CLEP test applications and course equivalency listings are available from The Office of Testing or by calling 973.720.3095.

Transfer Student Admissions
In addition to the general application procedures. Click here for information just for prospective Transfer, Readmit and Second degree students.

Articulation Agreements
Use the Articulation and Advanced Placement link for more specific help with transfer articulation and advanced placement issues.

Advanced Placement
William Paterson University participates in the advanced placement program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). In this program high schools offer students accelerated honors courses on a college level in several fields. Examinations covering these courses are administered annually. Follow this link for particular course by course, test equivalencies.